We like the wings!

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Our all time favourite is hot and delicious chicken wings.  Even Naomi likes it.  At IKEA restaurant she can eat at least 3 chicken wings (the main portion-drumnet)!  Since everyone like chicken wings so much, I thought of making some at home.

After browsing through recipes at Rasa Malaysia website I found a chicken wings recipe.  But I only use the main part-drumnet and for the wing part I keep it for next round.

Honey Chicken Wings (drumnet part)

Honey Chicken Wings (drumnet part)

chicken wings 3

Before feed it to Naomi, I’ll peel off the skin and cut the meat into smaller pieces. :)

2 thoughts on “We like the wings!

  1. Steff, your drumlet looks so yummy just like those selling outside one.. Can i have one? :) Oh… thanks for sharing the recipe. So you bake or fried it?

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