Hand Foot Mouth Disease

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Last Sunday Naomi complaint that she got sore throat but not a serious one.  She usually got sore throat if she eats too much of crackers.  So, Monday she still goes to school as usual but I told her if got fever must get teacher to call mommy.  At around 1.45pm, I received call from her school saying that she having fever.  I rushed to school to pick her and when she sees me she cried.  Her whole body was so hot and she complain headache.

Tuesday I saw some spots on her, so I thought is her usual rashes attacked so I just apply some eczema lotion but later at night more rashes but this some like small blister.  I was thinking she might got chicken pox.

Wednesday went to her paediatrician for a check-up and confirmed by doctor it is HFMD – Hand Foot Mouth Disease.

Gosh, I was shocked.  Her throat area got a lot of ulcer therefore it is like sore throat.  The rashes on her lip area, hands and foot is due to the HFMD not the usual rashes.

Today the outbreak of the HFMD rashes is a lot at the hands and lip area.  But I Thank God that she is able to eat and drink a lot today.  The throat is not that sore anymore.

To ease the itchiness, I prepare her bath by adding Apple Cider Vinegar into the luke warm water and let her deep.

Symptoms that need to take note: FEVER, HEADACHE, FATIGUE, SORE THROAT, RASH/BLISTER/ULCER at mouth, foot and hand.

Rashes at the hands

Rashes at the hands

Rashes at the lip and nose area.

Rashes at the lip and nose area.

I pray that God holy blood will cleanse through Naomi and kill all the unwanted viruses and let her be heal and recover soon. Amen.



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